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Did you know using a purchase plus improvement program can get you into your dream home today?  A lot of times we see that a client LOVES a home but there are just a couple of things they would change, this is very typical, and a lot of times people may be walking away from THEIR DREAM HOME!

What if I were to tell you that you can ADD renovations to a home when you buy it!  The money for the Reno’s is put into the mortgage so that the cost of doing it isn’t a one-time upfront wallet drainer; but rather a slight increase on your mortgage payment per month and you get your dream home years sooner!

It sounds like you’re describing a renovation financing option that allows potential homebuyers to include renovation costs in their mortgage. This can indeed be an attractive option for individuals who have found a home they love but want to make some changes to better suit their preferences.

Purchase Plus Improvements key steps:

This financing option allows YOU to make desired changes to your new home, without the need for a large upfront payment. It also ensures that the lender’s interests are protected through a thorough inspection and confirmation process.

It’s important for potential buyers to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of such programs and work with reliable contractors to ensure a smooth process.

This is a very effective way to change a home to how YOU want it.


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